Friday, December 29, 2006

Why You Had a Bad Year?

Major Dennis Isleta sent me an SMS this morning commenting on Cito Beltran's article in today's Philippine Star. Just finished reading it and attached excerpts from the article:

"Most people associate screwing around as nothing more than marital indiscretion or infidelity.

In terms of having a bad year, have you ever thought of screwing around as a breach of contract? A contract you made not only with your wife but also with your GM (God all Mighty). The contract was for you to partner with your bride while God gave you the kids, the house and all the support.

My friend’s mouth ran dry when I asked, as a result of your violation of contract did it occur to you that all commitments are cancelled and as a result your wife, your kids, your workers suffer because YOU Mr. Man in-charge broke the contract?

These are things we don’t usually think of, things like do we work just for our benefit or are we not suppose to have a social impact or be a blessing to others?"

I love Cito's no non-sense, say it like it is, real life talk that is absent of any man pleasing or trying to be popular overtones. Not quite my style but that's why I like friends like him. Most of all I like the fact that he loves God and does not mince words about it.

( ) [Cito, sory about the pix its the only one I could find on the web]

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