Friday, December 22, 2006

Initimdated by the Blogsphere

At 49 years old I am not exactly the "techie" who is comfortable with the "blogsphere". For the last 2 years I have been watching my 3 sons (ages 23, 22, 20) communicate, interface, exchange and type away at their sites. Ocassionally I visited their sites but dismissed it as a young thing - an electronic slum book.

Then it happened I picked up an authoritative book on blogging. That's when I realized it was a whole lot more than I had originally thought. And since I am a "johnny come lately" I will not bore you with the reasons that made me decide to blog. A quick search at Google and you can find plenty of sites that can explain the reasons why you should do it- better than I could.

Rather I want to share with you why it took me this long to actually do it. After finally being honest with myself the real reason is fear. You may ask - why fear? For one: fear of the unkown - remember I grew up in the days of the phonograph and the stereo. To the uninformed this was before the cassette and the CD, which by now are obsolete as well.

This thing was just unchartered waters. Then there was the fear of being chastised by my grade school English teacher for wrong grammar, sentence construction, use of words etc. Who knows she may still be alive and is surfing even as I write. Nothing however, compared to the greatest fear of all - rejection.

They say that the overwhelming majority of bloggers (readers and writers) are young people. Will they receive my views? Am I too stodgy, too old, passe'? In short I was intimidated by the "blogsphere".

Then a few days ago I decided it was time to go out on a limb. I started my first blogsite at on December 17 (06) a mere 6 days ago. As of today the site has been viewed 183 times. 90% of whom were young people. ( visit - ) Thanks guys for encouraging (an old goat like) me. I'd appreciate if you leave comments as you visit.


goodspeed said...


Link the "" text to

Carry on!

ro said...

hi, pastor joey!
looking forward to more posts (and more pictures)!
keep blogging! :D

ana said...

looking forward to more of your post.. i was captured by the title of your blog.. "discipleship is relationship".. i have to say your preaching on this during the invasion is one of my favorites.. which i listen to once in a while .. and use the principles i've learned in reaching out to the nation of myanmar.. thank you for that!!!

rads said...

like i said to you years before(during makati sports club days),we need more joey bonifacios in this world.It has been said that "we can impress people from afar but we can only impact them up close."Blogging is the next best thing to communicate and replicate what's in your heart.First one is relationship and discipeship of ON!a lot of people are just tuning in to learn more from you.Luv you Pastor Joey!

Victor GM. said...

Dear Pastor Joey,

Happy New Year Cool Blog!

Keep on running the good race,man!

Kindly provide a email address for our HCM city Vietnam church or worker there.

Kind Regards & God Bless!,

Victor GM. Wani

Victor GM. Wani

boundlessjoanne said...

hi, pastor joey
i visited your blogsites yesterday and was encouraged to start my own blogsite(s). today, dec. 29, 2007...TADAH!!! i wrote my first post. thank you for the inspiration.

keep blogging!