Saturday, December 30, 2006

VCF Legaspi

This is a picture of Pastors Ed Ty of Victory Christian Fellowship (VCF Lucena) and Raymond De Guzman (VCF Lipa) in what is left of the home of VCF Legaspi's worship Leader Sarah. As previously mentioned many of the members of the church lost homes (see December 25 blog below: Amazing People) and some may not be able to come back because of volcanic mud flow and other reasons. Below is a link to Michael Paderes' site where many pictures and 2 videos on the calamity are contained if you are interested in watching. You will also see pictures of the first tranche of our relief goods.

In the meantime I wanted to update all of you about the distribution of relief goods and money. Some of the money has been trnasmitted to Pastor Al Bantayan our pastor there. I spoke to him earlier this evening and he is very grateful for all the support. He wishes me to convey his gratitude to everyone who gave and prayed. The rest of the funds are with Pastor Raymond who will facilitate buying construction materials in Batangas.

As for prayer: Please pray that power will be restored. Only downtown Lagaspi has power. Pastor Al's house still does not have any. Fortunately he has a small generator (courtesy of Lucena and Lipa) that gives him a little light and is able to run an electric fan. Pray also for the local economy as black marketers are selling construction supplies at double price.

We have also decided to extend deadline for submission of relief goods to January 4, 2007 (previously December 31) as we will have a last delivery on January 5.

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