Sunday, December 24, 2006

Amazing Lady

She came to our church (Victory Christian Fellowship, in the Philippines) in 1993. She found her way in one of our discipleship groups. Eleven years ago (in 1995), I baptized her in water at the home of the Espirtu's in San Juan. Over the years Kim has become a good friend. It has been a joy and privilege to be associated with her.

Kim is a medical doctor and has been involved with relief missions. Among the countries that she has been to and has touched in one form or another are Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand. She has also been in the forefront of relief operations in numerous provinces cities and poverty stricken urban centers in the Philippines (too many to list in this blog). Her team at Operation Blessing was one of the first to arrive in Banda Aceh during the tsunami disaster which affected various parts of Asia. To know more about her check out:

Today Kim is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Operation Blessing a worldwide ministry involved in relief operations. Once again Kim has been in the forefront of relief efforts for the victims of the super typhoon Reming (Durian) in the Bicol Region. Kim and her team were among the first to arrive at the disaster stricken provinces of Catanduanes, Daraga, Legaspi and the town of Sto. Domingo.

Since the disaster Kim has updated me by phone on what is going on while on the ground in the worst hit towns and cities. Today, Sunday December 24 I met her at our Christmas Eve service and was told of her plans. Kim is relentless and is on her way back to Bicol to finish the job of bringing concrete (not token) rlief to the victims. It is disciples like Kim who make things like these happen. Thank you Kim for serving our nation in the way that you do.


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