Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why I Love the Philippines

She is one rare girl. Of Japanese descent but was born and raised in Canada. She has traveled to as many as 26 nations and has lived in 4. A confessed disciple of Jesus Christ she insists that among all the nations she's been to the Philippines is her favorite.

The person I am talking about is Lynn Nawata. She was at one point the country manager for Harris Corporation in the Philippines. Lynn resigned from her job to work for a missions/ministry organization.

Here is an excerpt from her recent blog on the Philippines:

“I have visited 26 countries and have lived in four, but most people are surprised when I tell them that my favorite country in the world to live in -- is the Philippines.”

Picture shows Lynn in her parent’s home in Canada with her nephews. If you want to read the rest of her blog click:

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Droe said...

Hi Pastor Joey, I chanced to surf the EN website and saw a writeup about your blog.

I am from the "Far"-view church (Oh! that's "Fairview" as some would like to pronounce it. Please forgive the humor.) and was at the recent VictoryBiz seminar too. I just would like to thank you for posting Ms. Nawata's blog. I love the Philippines too and I was all the more encouraged by what she wrote. A heartfelt "Mabuhay!" to you sir.