Monday, January 22, 2007

Appreciation Night

Last Saturday we held our first ever “Appreciation Night”. Over the years our church showed its appreciation to the people who served in separate Christmas parties.

For instance the Kid’s Church volunteers, Worship Teams (singers and musicians), Ushers and others held separate parties. This year we decided it was time for a change.

We gathered all the volunteer groups into one “Filipiniana Evening” in January, after all Decembers are busy. The pastors and staff were dressed in aprons wearing chefs
and waiters hats each assigned 3 tables to serve the volunteers who have selflessly been doing this month in month out. Our way of saying:

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served,
but to serve... Mark 10:45

At the VCF Fort church there are over 1,000 volunteers, 850 of them showed up for the
party. They were served with “binalot meals” rice and viands wrapped in banana leaves. Family plates of “pancit” the Philippine version of spaghetti and “lechon” the famous roasted pig were also served with “buko juice” bottled coconut juice and “turon” banana wrapped in crispy shells with a swirl of caramel for dessert.

For entertainment each group presented a special number:

The Youth Group – Had a musical multi-media (live/video) of the “Back Space Boys”

The Worship Team – Had an elaborate musical number through time and eras. Complete with Jose Rizal and Maria Clara attires.

The Ushering Team – Did a dance number from the early 80’s, I think.

Kid’s Church – Had a series of skits in multi-versions: same script but set in drama, action, comedy, musical and others (can’t remember it was too many).

Hospitality Team – Did a brief introduction of themselves and then left a lone guy to do some magic tricks and on occasion invited 2 lady members as

Technical Team – Brought the house down. From costumes, make up, music, props, script, performers, sound, lights, everything. It was an elaborate array of impersonated Filipino musicians through the years. I think that’s because these guys have been involved in production back stage for years. All the pent up desires of being on stage manifested. The crowd went ballistic.

We ended the evening with a short announcement about 2 new ministries we are starting: Administrative Services and Communications. A time of prayer of thanksgiving and the evening was over.

See pictures:

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Jermi said...

"All the pent up desires of being on stage manifested." How true, although none of us is ever going to admit it. =)

I had my fears that the audience would go, "kaya pala sila backstage".

We actually had no idea on stage, that the "crowd went ballistic" cause the venue was too large and the monitors were too loud.

We're thrilled the audience enjoyed our presentation.

Pastor Joey, you should have continued your "Magandang Gabi sa inyong lahat" bit You do sound a bit like a modulated Nonoy Z =)

--Mayor "Lito"