Saturday, January 20, 2007

Compartments in My Life

In my home I have a cabinet of tin boxes which form some of the compartments in my life: one is labled Travel (it contains my passport, travel gear, foreign currencies, travel tripod, inflatable neck rest etc.) another is for Audio (iPod accessories, earphones, jacks etc.) then Health (roller blade parts, swim goggles, basketball pins, knee pads, sweat bands, stop watch and would you believe it: a personal fat caliper, etc.), Electronics (includes cell phone stuff, manuals, headsets, batteries, various parts), then there's Tools, Stationery, Video, Mac, Photo and finally Hodge Podge (things I can't categorize: a shark tooth, a knife from Kabul, key chains, unique pebbles-stones, drift woods, shells I picked up in my trips, my floating kaleidoscope - hodge podge).

All this to say that like most men I have a strong tendency to compartmentalize. Compartments make life simpler for me. When I get back from a trip I can stick all my stuff in that box and I know where to find them when its time to use them again. And so on and so forth. You'll never know when you will need fresh batteries, an audio jack or a basketball pin, right?

I have also realized that my knack for compartamentalizing does not end with tools, electronics and travel gear....but extends to blogging. Instead of having one site I now have 3. This one you are reading right now which deals with stuff pertaining to discipleship - a major driving force in my life. A second site that deals with things I like, hold dear and enjoy. And now, today I just started my third site. One that is dedicated to PRAYER. Probably the one thing I attribute to why I can say life has been good. It deserves a compartment of its own.

The new site is the compartment where I focus on nothing but prayer. Visit me from time to time in this new site:

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