Sunday, March 4, 2007

Discipleship and "No Show"

Anyone who has ever been actively involved in discipleship knows that it has its own set of challenges and frustrating moments. One of those moments is when the people you are in discipleship with do a “no show”.

Imagine carving out time in your busy schedule to travel to a coffee shop near the person’s office to make things convenient for them. After waiting, you receive a text message or a call and are told they can’t make it. Others don’t even bother to call they just don’t show up.

The devil then tells you, “this was never meant to be, it was a waste of time, actually they don’t even like you or your Jesus, quit now before you suffer any more rejection.” This has happened to me not once, twice but several times. Here are a few thoughts that may help when you find yourself in similar place:

The thing to remember is – do not react. The person who is canceling may have a valid reason. I remember a person who could not make it only to find out that a relative was in serious medical condition. Rather than reacting it was an opportune time to go the distance.

My wife and I decided to go and visit them at their home and show them how much God cared about them. People need the touch of God at a time like this. We are the arms and hands that He will use. What a privilege. View this moment as an opportunity and not a set-back.

But what about those times when people do reject us and don’t want to come. Here’s how I have dealt with that for years. First, I have conditioned myself to think that I’m not the one they are rejecting.

He is ‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the capstone.’ Acts 4:1

Rather than being rejected the solution is to take the time I have carved out for others to spend time with Jesus. I read the Word, pray and have coffee with Jesus.

After all discipleship is not simply about converting people but is first and foremost a relationship with Jesus so that we can in turn introduce others to Him.

Once I was in Zurich on a business trip. A man I met seemed to be interested to have coffee and meet with me. Then… the “no show” happens.

What seemed to be a failure ended up to be a walk across the city with Jesus, prayer walk cum spiritual tour with no less than the King of kings.

Instead of being insecure, use these moments to build a secure relationship with your God!

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glennq said...

I'm sure that many of us have experience the same feeling of rejection in our desire to bring people to Christ. Thanks P.Joey for the reminder that it's not about us. Show or No show, discipleship continues.