Friday, February 2, 2007

Discipleship and Priorities

Last night I spoke at the VictoryBiz Seminar. My message was about priorities, its importance and value. I shared three principles in order to have the right priorities.

Principle No. 1: “The Good is the Enemy of the Best.” Got this one from John Maxwell’s book – “Developing the Leader Within You.”

The story I am about to recount is true but will keep the names anonymous. This story captures the importance of discerning the best from what is good. Here is the story:

A man was offered to head a department at the head office. The offer included career advancement and a hundred thousand dollar salary increase (annual).

That meant that he would have to relocate and uproot his family. His wife was native to the city they were in, which was a good situation for his family. The children had great schools. Moving meant losing all of that. More significantly his wife, children and himself were growing spiritually because of the church they went to.

He decided not to go. Some time later the company came back to him and offered the same job. This time they decided they would move the entire department to his city. And they did, complete with the promotion and salary increase. Decisions based on priorities is about recognizing what is best from the many that are good.

How does this apply to discipleship? There are many good things that we can do in church, many activities that we can champion, many ways to serve, but the best thing to do is go and make disciples. Why? Disciples make disciples who make disciples.

In the end when you make disciples you will have more than enough people to do other things in church that need to be done. Pastors and church leaders need to prioritize the task of making disciples.

To Jesus mentoring and instructing disciples was the priority. It came before preaching and teaching. Sadly many leaders think preaching and teaching is discipleship. Hence they end up prioritizing it and not making disciples.

After Jesus had finished instructing his twelve disciples, he went on from there to teach and preach in the towns of Galilee. Matthew 11:1

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